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Manicure and Pedicure

At Saasha Nail & Beauty Clinic we provide expert manicures and pedicures - for future reference, it's worth bearing in mind a number of rules for getting the best treatment. It's essential that all tools are sterile and the files aren't re-used from client to client. At Saasha, we do not use a blade file and we will give you the orange stick, foot file and nail file to maintain your treatments at home. We also push your cuticle back with an orange stick wrap with cotton rather than a plastic cuticle pusher as plastic cannot be sterilised.

It's easy to maintain your feet and nails after a shower or bath - this is done by drying your feet and using a foot file to remove the hard skin from your feet. You should also wipe under the nail as it will stop skin growing underneath it. You should also push your cuticles back with your towels twice a week.

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