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We concentrate on cleaning and treating your skin, not just at the time of treatment but also with a view to long-term results. The skin is cleaned by applying a galvanic mask facial which pushes vitamin C deep into the skin.

We also provide a specialised eye treatment which helps remove congestion and dark circles around the eyes; this condition is specific to each skin type. We use Matis products to re-educate your skin with our prescribed ingredients.

Enquire about our micro exfoliante facial, which helps with open pores, pigmentation and acne scarring. The crystals and micro-fine crystals eliminate dead skin without damaging the skin tissue as it is without suction.

Eye Galvanic Facial - £30.00
Express 45 Minute Facial - £40.00
Phyto Mask Facial - £50.00
Deluxe Facial - £50.00
Microdermabrasion Crystal Facial - £50.00
Deep Cleansing Facial - £50.00
Matis Deluxe Facial - £50.00
Oat Mask Facial - £55.00
Steam and Extraction Facial - £55.00
Matis Galvanic Facial - £60.00
Vitamin C Facial - £60.00
Vitamin C and Galvanic Facial - £70.00
Deep Cleanse and Vitamin C - £70.00

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