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Amelan Depigmentation

Aged skin with actinic damage due to solar exposure, hyperchromic spots and melanic imperfections are common problems nowadays. Only with an effective treatment that influences the production of melanin (melanogenesis) is it possible to remove spots and imperfections, giving brightness and smoothness back to the skin.

Amelan is a peel used to eliminate pigmentation, acne scarring, open pores and acne with deep cleaning into the third layer of the skin. It helps to lift the entire toxin and peel it off. Also, Amelan is a rapid depigmentation agent that doesn't produce peeling.

• It is effective against all types of melasmas and chloasmas
• It can be applied in any season
• It is compatible with all types of skin
• It permits sunbathing without the risk of spots appearing
• It is completely safe and the spots disappear in one week
• There are minimum side effects
• There is a regularisation of sebaceous secretion
• Skin becomes bright, rejuvenated and free from spots

Peels Skin Medic

Face Peel per Session - £100.00 each or £500.00 for a Course of Six

Amelan Depigmentation

Face Peel - From £800.00 to £1,000.00

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